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15W Wireless Charging Stand

Item number:

  • 15W Wireless Charging Stand
  • 15W Wireless Charging Stand

Product description and features:

Qistand-Foldable 15W Wireless Charging Stand

Main Features:

1. Foldable Design
2. Two Coils Fast Charging
3. Charge Vertically or Horizontally
4. LED Light Circle
5. Humanized Touch Switch


2-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand
with High-end Mirror Surface
Input: 12V/1.67A,9V/1.67A, 5V/2A
Output: 9V/1.67A,9V/1.12A, 5V/1A
Power: 15W
Transmission Distance: ≤8mm
Size: 69.5×137.4×15.7mm
Weight: 147.8g
Efficiency: 75%
Color: Black

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